About us

Let’s talk about myself: 

I am Ranu Gupta, A normal girl having a lot of interest in creativity, and this interest motivated me to create this site. Being interested in this I think myself enough capable to innovate many ideas that can be helpful for you people.so if I talk about my studies, I have completed my computer Engineering from Jaipur as i have lots of interest in making websites. Actually, I am dedicating this website to my mother ” Sonal Agarwal”.

Ranu Gupta

Sonika.creation is the perfect destination for the people who keep interest in creativity but need some tips and guidelines.This site does not bring the ideas which create clumsiness in our mind. we explain each and every step very clearly through videos as well as small but clear articles. It would be helpful for you people in creating cards, making scrapbooks, designing home interiors, Rangolis, and in short, this site will enhance your skills by introducing you to many ideas.

If I talk about creating the only thing you should keep in mind is be innovative.A single idea comes with many new ideas. So the need is to search for them on your own. This site will make you inspired to think more and more and will create your own mind creative.

The only thing people usually search  in a site is getting the results for their search quickly , so keeping this thing in mind the content I add is very impressive easy and based on usual searches done by people. So my motive is to guide you about creative work so that you can make your loved ones happy and obviously I wanted to share my talent with all of you so I created this site .