How to make DIY storage basket

DIY storage basket – Simple and easy to make

DIY Storage basket:- Today I will show you to make the simple DIY project by using plane t-shirt It is easy to make and also very useful for storing. So here you will learn to make simple DIY Storage basket in some easy steps. Because they help to make your clean and also store your stuff in an organized manner.

You will require

  • Two old t-shirt
  • A pair of scissors
  • and a crochet hook
  • For making yarn

For make sure that the t-shirt you using has no prints at all. Now cut the t-shirt just below the sleeves. And also cut the bottom seal of the t-shirt. Now fold the t-shirt leaving 2 cm margin at the end after that place marking on every 2 cm using a ruler and marker. Do the same on the other side as well. Now using scissor cut strips of 2 cm (Make sure that you cut only the lower fold of the t-shirt) And then cut the last strip through the entire part. Now make diagonal lines (for better understand see video) and then cut it (it will help you to get long yarn). Now just stretch the strips and make a bun of it.

Steps for making DIY Storage basket

The first step is for making the slip knot as shown in the video and insert the hook in the first one and crochet the first strip and then you will get a little circle crochet five times from the center of the circle. Do until the size you wish to make. After you make the base there is a little change here we crochet only one strip. Now after the first circle continues the crochet from both the stitches of yarn do until the size you wish to make. you can also use the double or triple yarn for making the colorful basket by using 2 different plane t-shirt.

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