Homemade Halloween decoration ideas

Halloween Party decoration ideas

Homemade Halloween decoration ideas:- Today I have a couple of DIY Halloween decorations for you. Which is probably my favorite thing to do. And also this is a simple way to decorate your room without spending more money. So these are some DIYs I hope you like it. For me, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Just the most creative holiday.

Homemade Halloween decoration ideas

Why do we celebrate Halloween

Since Halloween 2018 is coming soon we thought it would be very important to know the history behind the Halloween. More than 5 thousand years ago the people of Scotland Ireland and England didn’t believe in a

It was so nice of someone to invent a day for wearing costumes and collecting treats. but there is a lot more to Halloween than just the scary stories and trick or treating. So now let me tell a bit of history behind Halloween’s day.

Hundred of years ago, the Celtic people of the Celts lived in regions that are now Ireland, Britain and northern France. This was long long back even before the Jesus Christ.

There is a tradition of remembering those who had died and kept the evil spirits peaceful. They did this every year on 31 st October and it was called Samhain. But their customs were opposed to this Christian way. Hence nearly 700 years after Christ, the head of the Catholic church moved to an important Christian day.

The all saints day to 1st November (It is a Christian festival in honor of all the saints in heaven. Earlier it was celebrated on 1st of may) He thought everyone would forget about Samhain. but people don’t forget about Samhain. though it didn’t spread as fast as it used to earlier.

But the point is how did Halloween come about? Since November 1st was the day of celebrating the holy spirits the evening before that becomes the holy evening or all hallow even. Hallow is the old word for holy. and even is the old word for evening. Soon all hallow even became Halloween! People design or carve the pumpkin and keep it outside their homes to ward off the evil spirits.

Indoor Halloween decorating ideas

  1. Halloween ghost:– For this Halloween Ghost DIY, you are going to need

Homemade Halloween decoration ideas



Empty container
Styrofoam ball
Container with water
White glue

Step by step procedure
1. First of all, Take a wire and a bottle after that Screw the wire around the bottleneck
2. Put the ball in the bottle mouth
3. Add white glue to the water in the container
4. Mix it well
5. Place the cloth inside
6. And then Squeeze
7. Put the cloth over the bottle
8. Let dry
9. Draw the eyes with the help of the marker


2. Halloween Ghost Garland:- For the first DIY (Halloween ghost garland),  you are going to need

Homemade Halloween decoration ideas

Materials you required

1 Disposable kitchen towel
2 Marker
3 White glue
4 Styrofoam ball Nr01
5 Needle and thread

Step by step procedure

First of all, Take some glue and a Styrofoam ball and then take some White glue on the Styrofoam ball
Cover the ball with the kitchen towel
Draw eyes and mouth
Do 8 in the same way
Sew twice each one
Sew twice the last one and make a knot

DIY Halloween decorations for your room


How to carve Halloween pumpkins:- Here I am going to show you one of my favorite Halloween pumpkin tips.


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