kiss day 13 February

Kiss day:- It is the sixth day of valentine week comes with a warm feeling of love. which is celebrated on 13th February. by lover, couples, and youth. And the most awaited day or we can say special day for couples of valentine week. Usually, the day starts with a romantic message which creates a warm feeling of love. Couples send romantic messages and emojis to their partner.

 Celebration of the day

Everyone wants to celebrate this day with their loved one. and here loved one cant means it only for couples. it can her/his father, mother, sister, brother and best friend also. This day is celebrated to show our love and affection for our partners and couples by kissing each other. Kissing is a way to let our partner know that they had a trust in you. The physical connection that only established between two people is by kissing each other.

Kisses types

  • A very first kiss
  • Formal kiss
  • Forehead kiss
  • A passionate kiss
  • A romantic kiss
  • A goodbye kiss

The real meaning of Kisses is:-

  • Kisses on the stomach that means I am ready.
  • Kisses on a forehead mean a hope that we have a bond of forever.
  • The kisses on the means you are my everything and I can’t live without you.
  • Kisses on cheeks mean we are just friends.
  • kisses on the hand mean that I adore you.
  • The kisses on lips mean that I love you.
  • kisses on the shoulder mean that I want you.
  • kisses on neck mean that we belong together.


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