How to make a lampshades using any material you want

How to make a DIY lampshades

Lampshades:- Today you will learn How to make starry cardboard lampshades. The recipe for making or creative and unique DIY is nothing but only creativity, creativity, and creative thinking.

Instead of packing old stuff that you don’t need anymore Use those cardboard boxes for something else useful stuff by using your creativity.

It says that behind every attractive room there should be a very good stuff or some showpiece like a creating a beautiful cardboard Lamp, made out of recycled material, gives you enough good reason to take it home.

You will be amazed at what you can turn the cardboard box into lampshades. 

Gather all supplies

How to make a DIY lampshades


  1. Hot glue gun
  2. Cardboard
  3. Paint and brush
  4. scissor
  5. Pencil
  6. pen or marker
  7. scale
  8. x-acto knife

Steps for making a lampshades

1 Step:- First of all, Decide the size of the lampshades before making the base. You need to cut out 5 pieces of cardboard for the base as shown in below the picture. The shade I made is 5×5 inches wide, so for the bottom part of the base, I had to cut out a 5.5×5.5 inches piece of cardboard and 4-strips(1.5×5.75 inches) for the sides of the base.


How to make a DIY lampshades


2 Step:-  And then For draw the wire of the light fitting you will need to Cut a small hole on any strip. Place and glue the light fitting on the bottom part of the base

3 Step:-  Open by one neatly glue the sides with the base cardboard piece.


4 Step:-  The base is ready! Now Color the base of cardboard and use duct tape to cover the corrugated areas of the cardboard around the sides.


5 Step:-  The height of the shade depends on your choice but once you have made the base you will have to adjust the width of the shade according to the base. The shade should be at least 1.2 cm smaller (in width) than the base.

6 Step:- Cut a piece of cardboard (4 times longer than the width of the base + extra 05 inches) and height of your choice, mine was 8 inches long


7 Step:-  Draw shapes on the cardboard piece, such as square, stars, lines, triangle etc. Use an x-acto knife to cut them out.

8 Step:-  Cut the shapes out carefully and neatly as possible

9 Step:-  Whatever shape you use to make sure to keep them aligned and organized You will also need to cut out a piece of cardboard to cover the top of the shade. You may also cut out shapes on the top.


10 Step:-  Paint the shades as you want. I have used black for this one. Parts you have to paint for the lampshades-1). The shade,2) Top of the shade and 3) Base. allow the paint to dry.


For decorating the lampshades

11 Step:- You can also decorate the shades as you want. I have used gold acrylic paint to color the borders of the stars. Color neatly and allow the paint to dry.

12 Step:-  And then After the paint dries. use the hot glue for stick all the parts together of cardboard. First fold the shade 4 times equally and glue the extra 05 inch with the side next to it.


13 Step:-  Glue the top part of the shade as well.

14 Step:-  Almost ready! I think it’s better to use light bulbs not more than 40 watts and even better if you use CFL light bulb. Fix the light on the holder.


15 Step:-  Simply place the lampshades on the base. You can make as many lamp shades as you want, Change them when you bored of the same shade. You may also make shades of other shapes but it has to adjust to the base.


16 Step:-  Light up and enjoy the stars.


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