How to make DIY jewelry holder

DIY Jewelry holder

DIY Jewelry holder:- It is basically a jewelry holder that you can also use as a room decorative. I totally love the way these lights make my jewelry looks so glittery and beautiful or you can also be used it as a decorative. I fixed it on my balcony using a clear tape and plugged it into a circuit. It gives such a  perfect theme when you want to chill out on your balcony. Or you can also hang it on your room window.

For this project, you will need

  • Tree branch
  • Clear tape
  • String lights

Steps for making this DIY Jewelry holder

  1. Step:- First of all, we need sufficient length of stem (Make thick stem by using clear tape ) for put in into a bottle or for
  2. Step:- And after that start wrapping the string light from the thicker end and continue wrapping on all the branches
  3. Step:- You might be required more than one string lights (Add more than one string lights  if required) I used two of them I wrapped the half  branch with one  string light and half with other string light
  4. Step:- Wrap around the entire branch and THAT’S it
  5. Step:- After you cover the entire branch with the string lights Then fix it into a bottle or an amazing transparent jar or you can also use the fish jar. And used it branches to hang your jewelry

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