How to make money projects easily at your home

10+ Crafts ideas to make and sell for profit

Money making craft ideas:- When you can earn money from your creativity then why are you waiting for. Hello everyone, Today I am going to show you DIYs that you can sell easily so, first let me show you this DIYs.

How to make handicraft items for sale

Recycled crafts to sell:- For making this DIY you just need a Nail paint container and some fake flowers.

Money making craft ideas

I am using nail polish container and clean it from the inside by using a nail paint remover. And  Basically what I am doing now is clean the container

And then add some fake flowers in it and trust me they look so good for your room decor.

Money making craft ideas

Make crafts to sell #Emoji Keychain

For  making this DIY you just need a glue gun, silicon case Something to raise a circle and a maker

All you have to to do now is draw a circle and fill it with the glue gun and then let it be dry.

So after everything is dry now I am going to use my yellow nail polish  to all side of glue gun circle because nail polish drying so fast Instead of nail polish you can also use acrylic color but here I am going to use our nail polish

Money making craft ideas

Now its time to create own emoji. You can create as you want And after that, I am going to use black nail polish to create a mouth.

And there is the last step you are going to need a chain for secure it and now you have your personalized keychain. and if you don’t like this emoji then you can also use pompom.

Click here if you want to learn how to make a pompom coaster

Money making craft ideas


Moving on to our second Diy Now I am gonna share 1$ DIYs so its begin with this beautiful DIYs ideas

Money making craft ideas

I am using a plastic bowl full of water and add some nail polish in it and mix it gently with the help of toothpick and put the jar inside it.

Money making craft ideas


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