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Wrapping ideas – Creative gift wrapping ideas

Wrapping gift:- When we make handmade gifts completely then, at last, we have confused about. How we cover the gift with some unique or creative style or how can we tie it nicely.

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And it is not only for your handmade gifts but also uses in the school project or also use in daily life. Like wrapping and bowing tie is also a skill.

Are you one of those paper who find difficulty to wrap a gift. Don’t worry I will show you step by step easy method of wrapping a gift box.

In this post, I’m going to show you.

1. How to wrap a gift box

2. Some hacks to wrap a gift perfectly

3. How to make a paper gift box

4. How to tie a bow on a gift

How to wrap a gift box

1  First of all, Gather all the materials like Your gift box or packet, Tape, Ribbon Scissor, Wrapping paper. And then you need to take a packet which you want to wrap and a wrapping paper. Then measure the paper size how much paper exactly you want.

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2. And fold the paper as shown in the picture to give it an attractive look

wrapping ideas


3. And then put your box on the paper and then Take the scissors and cut along the paper. Fold the wrapping paper to the very end of your packet or box.

To create a smooth edge take the second side and fold it slightly for a cleaner edge and then fold the paper on each side of the present.

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4. Secure the paper to the box with tape. So, take a piece of tape for your first position.

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5. Take a ribbon and wrap over the gift to give an elegant look.

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Some hacks to wrap a gift perfectly

wrapping ideas

1.  First of all, make sure your paper properly covers your packet

2.  While wrapping make sure your surface must be smooth


How to make a paper gift box

First of all, Gather all the materials like a 20cm x 20cm colorful paper or scrapbook paper and a ribbon and then follow this simple steps as shown in below picture.

wrapping ideas


wrapping ideas


wrapping ideas

How to tie a bow on a gift

If we learned how to tie a ribbon then. We can automatically learn to make how to make a sash bow belt, how to make ribbon flower or etc. And we can use a flower ribbon for our dress, for decorating gifts, for making girls simple hair band party wear and in new ways also.

Steps to make a perfect bow

1 First of all, Choose your favorite color ribbon

2. Pick up the ribbon like that it should divide into two equal parts as a bunny ear shape.

3. Take the right side of ribbon and overlap to another side of the ribbon.

4. Then fold the right loop behind another side of the ribbon.

5. Take both loops inside the center of the ribbon and tight both loops with a tight knot.

6. And then adjust the length according to your gift and extra ribbon will be removed from the bottom

7. Or we can say cuts the ends at an angle or ribbon should be cut in V-shaped for the nice look.

8. You can also easily learn to make this perfect bow  from this animated slideshow


This Slideshow will give you the perfect idea for your handmade (precious gift)  or you can learn the steps to make a perfect bow.

And I am sure this slideshow help you to make a perfect handmade gift ever. Because ones you learn how to make then it is not used only for decorating the gift but also make your dress pretty etc.

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